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Recorded the Mozart Piano Concerto nr. 21

I have recorded the Mozart Piano Concerto nr. 21 in C Major with my colleagues :

Victor Fournelle-Blain, Amy Hillis - violins

Scott Chancey - viola

Caroline Milot - cello

Renaud Boucher-Browning - double bass

Carl Roberge - sound engineer

John Oruzabal, Ricardo Morejon - cameras

Steinway Hamburg model D
Redpath Hall, Montreal, Canada

Elected at the Schulich School of Music, McGill 

I have been elected member of the Concerts Committee, and Piano Area representative at the MGSS, Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Montreal.

Received Audience Prize and a Recital

I received the Audience Prize and an upcoming recital to be planned at Gala St Moritz, Montreal

Graduated PhD in Musicology 

I graduated PhD in Musicology at Nice University, France.

My thesis title is : "Masques Op. 34, Karol Szymanowski : a study of the structural impact of the multiple harmonic layers."

I defended the thesis front of the jury :
- Paolo Dalmolin (Pr. University of Cagliari, Italy)
- Mark Deleare (Pr. University of Leuven, Belgium)
- Jean-Louis Leleu (Pr. pre-eminent)

- Pascal Decroupet (Pr. Université de Nice, France)

Published in OICRM

My article "Masques, op. 34 de Karol Szymanowski. Une lecture architecturelle des principes harmoniques de « Tantris le bouffon », et esquisse d’une trajectoire interprétative", has been published in the OICRM Journal, Canada.

Read the full article

Admitted at McGill University

I have been successfully admitted at McGill University, Canada, for the Doctor of Music in Performance program.
Due to the high ranking of my audition, I have been offered a scholarship and a teaching assistant position.

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